Django is awesome

Yeah, Django is awesome. You have to know that I use Django every days at work. But... there's some points that I really dislike. I guess I'm the best french django opponent. Now I can show this post when people ask me why.

Django is monolithic

Everybody know that. No discussion is needed.

Django has a real community

Some Django's third party products are great. But all contribution made for Django are only for django. Django has it own middleware specification even if the pep 333 exists. That's sucks. What if I want to use all the great stuff with my own wsgi framework ?

Next point: Django use svn. What ? This old VCS ? Why I can't contribute by forking on github or bitbucket ? Is that a real modern community ?

Django templating can't contain some logics

Oh yeah, that's a great philosophy. But I'm a mature developer and I want to use a simple modulo in a template without having to write a 20 lines template tag. I promise that I don't put so much logics in my template.

You can use Jinja!

Yes, I can. But then I need to forget all the great stuff provided by third party products. So, in fact, I can't.

Webob is great but Django's Request/Response is better

Web0b is a 200% well tested library. It just work. Why this is not used by Django ? Is it so hard ? Some people tried to include that library in Django but... it just fail. See this page. No longer maintained... I guess the author switch to another framework.


Is that really exist ? No, It doesn't matter. All my python code should go in app/ then you can checkout my code in your apps/ folder. no problem. After a few years passed with Tarek "el packager" Ziade I became sick when I see the code generated by Django's templates.

Django has view class !!

That's the good news of the latest release. Awesome ! That's just made me remember Zope 2. I guess that this post explain this better than I can.


End Of Post. I guess I've pointed all things I dislike in Django. Or maybe it's just a work in progress...

Django still great. But it can be better without so much effort. Use WebOb... Add a to project/app templates... Use a Pyramid like renderer to allow more than one template engine... Use github... Please, just do it, Django people!