Combine zc.buildout and pip benefits

I've just released a new zc.buildout recipe which allow to install packages with pip.

I am getting really excited about it because it has many advantages taken from both components.

  1. The recipe adds a virtualenv in the parts/ directory of your buildout then use this binary to generate executable python scripts. So you have a clean sandbox.
  2. The recipe is based on zc.recipe.egg#scripts so you can share your eggs between buildouts as usual.
  3. Of course, you can install some .pybundle files.
  4. You can build package from svn with the editables option.
  1. Each line found in the install option is the last part of a pip command. This allow you to build eggs with dependencies. For example to install lxml in a pure sandbox without libxml2 and libxslt installed you need Cython installed and this command line python install --static-deps to install lxml. This is easy with the recipe. Here is a sample configuration file for this case:
# the cache dir is used by buildout & pip
download-cache = download
parts = eggs

recipe = gp.recipe.pip

# eggs installed by pip (also add the Deliverance bundle)
install =
    --install-option=--static-deps lxml==2.2alpha1

# eggs installed by zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

That's all !! This works perfectly on my Mac OSX and should works on most system.

In fact zc.recipe.egg will work in most cases but when you need a clean sandbox and some extra options, gp.recipe.pip is a good alternative.