Richie Jackson and Danny Macaskill

J'ai juste envie de conserver ces deux vidéos dans un coin. L'une comme l'autre sont impressionante et les tricks d'une originalité surprenante.

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FormAlchemy 1.3 status

FormAlchemy 1.3 is released. From the website:

FormAlchemy eliminates boilerplate by autogenerating HTML input fields from a
given model. FormAlchemy will try to figure out what kind of HTML code should
be returned by introspecting the model's properties and generate ready-to-use
HTML code that will fit the developer ...
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buildout vs pip. Why I choose buildout

pip and buildout are two way to deal with python eggs. Both have the same functionality eg. Install python eggs in a isolated environment.

I've learn buildout first because I came from the zope world and it's the standard way to install zope for a while now. But ...

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How to use jQuery.getJson in a Firefox extension

jQuery work fine in a Firefox extension and it's easy to manipulate the DOM of the current document with it.

If you need to call some web services then it will fail. I've solved the problem and tried to submit a path on the jquery-devel mailing list.

The ...

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Serving both mercurial repository and sphinx docs at the same time

A few month ago I've started a small project named MercurialApp.

The main goal is to serve my Mercurial repositories as a wsgi application with Paste. It work fine and I use it on

What I'm thinking now is that it was cool to ...

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Add an command to vimperator

I've writen a cool application to tinyfy urls and post them to social website. The result is

there is a Firefox plugin for newbies but I'm not. I'm using the great Firefox plugin Vimperator as a 100% pur geek.

So I've tried ...

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Facebook connect with python

A few weeks ago I've discover Facebook Connect. So I decide to try to use it in a new project. It look like an easy way for new user to register in my application.

The first step is to follow the Quick start guide. Then whe need to take ...

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collective.releaser rocks !

Tarek have made some great works on collective.releaser and collective.dist the last months. There is currently a refactor branch.

The goal of collective.releaser is to normalize the release process of a buildout based project.

I've worked on it the last week to implement the latest needed ...

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HADOPI - Le symbole du vite fait mal fait

Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas posté un billet. Pourtant, je ne cesse de m'exprimer sur cette foutue loi qu'est l'HADOPI. Voici un billet plus posé, bénéficiant des éléments extérieurs que j'ai pu lire ces derniers temps.

Nicolas Sarkozi a payé jeudi dernier sa ...

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Pascal Negre est fier de Spotify mais les hackers aussi

Lors d'un débat sur LCI, Pascal Nègre était bien content de pouvoir vanter les mérites de Spotify. La nouvelle génération de streaming de musique sur internet. Ce qu'il ignore, c'est que, alors même que Spotify est encore en béta et que les inscriptions ne se font que ...

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