Publishing HTML5 slides in a minute

A few monthes ago I've created impress. A small tool to generate some HTML5 slides from a reST file. It's only a small wrapper around Sphinx with a specific theme.

At this time I was always using a small shell script to build and upload the slides to github pages. It's really easyer since I've added the -g option. Thanks to ghp-import.

Here is how to create some slides. First you need to install python-impress using pip or whatever and to create a repository on github and clone it:

$ pip install impress
$ git clone
$ cd myslides

Create a index.rst file like this:

.. impress::
   :func: linear

My talk

.. slide::
   :class: first center

By Gael «`@gawel_ <>`_» Pasgrimaud

Slide 1

some blahblah

Slide 2

moar blahblah

Then just run impress -g. Your slides are available at http://<you>

If you need some images use a images/ folder. If you need to customise the css put your stuff in static/custom.css.