Skinning with pyquery and deliverance

I'm using deliverance since a few month now to skin this blog and I also contribute to pyquery since i like the idea of manipulating xml in python like with jQuery. So the next step is to use a kind of pyquery rule in deliverance.

After looking at the deliverance code it seems that adding new rules is easy. You just need to register it in the deliverance rules. So here is the result:

from deliverance import rules
from pyquery import PyQuery as pq

class PyQuery(rules.AbstractAction):
    """PyQuery rule for deliverance"""
    name = 'pyquery'
    def __init__(self, source_location, callback=None):
        self.source_location = source_location
        self.callback = callback

    def apply(self, content_doc, theme_doc, resource_fetcher, log):
        """apply the rule"""
        self.callback(pq([content_doc]), pq([theme_doc]), resource_fetcher, log)

    def from_xml(cls, tag, source_location):
        """Parses and instantiates the class from an element"""
        use = tag.attrib['use']
        modname, funcname = use.split(':')
        mod = __import__(modname, globals(), locals(), [''])
        callback = getattr(mod, funcname)
        return cls(source_location, callback)

# register the new rule
rules._actions['pyquery'] = PyQuery

Now i'm able to use my rule. I just need to import the above module before any deliverance one:

from myproject import pyquery_rule
from deliverance.middleware import DeliveranceMiddleware
# initialize your middleware

Then here is the rules:

  <theme href="/theme.html" />
  <rule class="default">
      <pyquery use="myproject.rules:default" />

Where myproject/ look like this:

def default(content, theme, resource_fetcher, log):
    """rule used for testing"""
    content('title').text('My site - '+content('title').text())

content and theme are pyquery objects. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. Enjoy !!

Notice that this work only with deliverance's trunk (or >=0.3).