Publishing HTML5 slides in a minute

A few monthes ago I've created impress. A small tool to generate some HTML5 slides from a reST file. It's only a small wrapper around Sphinx with a specific theme.

At this time I was always using a small shell script to build and upload the slides to ...

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Avoid CSRF in the Ajax world

Most (good) web frameworks have a way to avoid Cross Site Request Forgery but in the Ajax world it's not so easy.

Here is my solution. First generate a secret key (sha1 of the current date or whatever) store it in user's session and show an hidden field ...

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How to use jQuery.getJson in a Firefox extension

jQuery work fine in a Firefox extension and it's easy to manipulate the DOM of the current document with it.

If you need to call some web services then it will fail. I've solved the problem and tried to submit a path on the jquery-devel mailing list.

The ...

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Add an command to vimperator

I've writen a cool application to tinyfy urls and post them to social website. The result is

there is a Firefox plugin for newbies but I'm not. I'm using the great Firefox plugin Vimperator as a 100% pur geek.

So I've tried ...

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MochiKit, un framework javascript en python ?

Les concepteurs de MochiKit ne le cache pas, ils aiment Python et s'en inspire largement dans la conception de leur framework.

On s'en aperçoit très vite en essayant leur interpréteur. Ecrire du javascript à la façon Python n'as rien de désagréable je trouve... Un petit exemple:

>> carre ...
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