Writing shell scripts in python with chut

A year ago I've started to play with unix pipes and subprocesses in python and this make me realize that I have a lot of really small shell script that I always lose and rewrite because I do not take care of those small snippets. And here was my ...

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Publishing HTML5 slides in a minute

A few monthes ago I've created impress. A small tool to generate some HTML5 slides from a reST file. It's only a small wrapper around Sphinx with a specific theme.

At this time I was always using a small shell script to build and upload the slides to ...

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Using lesscss with Pyramid and Fanstatic

We all know twitter bootstrap. It became really popular in the past few months. We saw it all over the internet with same header and same colors.

In this post I'll show you how to customize twitter bootstrap with pyramid and Fanstatic. In other words, how to use lesscss ...

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Django is awesome

Yeah, Django is awesome. You have to know that I use Django every days at work. But... there's some points that I really dislike. I guess I'm the best french django opponent. Now I can show this post when people ask me why.

Django is monolithic

Everybody know ...

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Using restkit proxy in your WSGI app

Here is my use case. A few days ago I've wrote an application to mirror my Flickr accounts. The pics are downloaded on file system and the metadata are stored in CouchDB. Now I use the Flickr interface to upload and tags pics but I got my own data ...

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Avoid CSRF in the Ajax world

Most (good) web frameworks have a way to avoid Cross Site Request Forgery but in the Ajax world it's not so easy.

Here is my solution. First generate a secret key (sha1 of the current date or whatever) store it in user's session and show an hidden field ...

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FormAlchemy 1.3 status

FormAlchemy 1.3 is released. From the website:

FormAlchemy eliminates boilerplate by autogenerating HTML input fields from a
given model. FormAlchemy will try to figure out what kind of HTML code should
be returned by introspecting the model's properties and generate ready-to-use
HTML code that will fit the developer ...
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buildout vs pip. Why I choose buildout

pip and buildout are two way to deal with python eggs. Both have the same functionality eg. Install python eggs in a isolated environment.

I've learn buildout first because I came from the zope world and it's the standard way to install zope for a while now. But ...

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Serving both mercurial repository and sphinx docs at the same time

A few month ago I've started a small project named MercurialApp.

The main goal is to serve my Mercurial repositories as a wsgi application with Paste. It work fine and I use it on https://hg.gawel.org.

What I'm thinking now is that it was cool to ...

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Facebook connect with python

A few weeks ago I've discover Facebook Connect. So I decide to try to use it in a new project. It look like an easy way for new user to register in my application.

The first step is to follow the Quick start guide. Then whe need to take ...

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